Upcoming Events & Sales

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    • LBI-NJ Open Weekends
    • SH-NJ Open Thursday through Sunday
    • OC-NJ Open Everyday
    • CM-NJ Open Everyday
    • Sunday Funday Drop - Starts March 3rd. Online only - Every Sunday for 24 hours only, one item on our website will have a drastically reduced price! While supplies last. Check back every Sunday to see what's on sale!
    • OC-NJ Block Party - May 4th 9am-6pm - The biggest & best deals of the season, including your favorite Ocean City tees and sweats


    ** Be aware that not all store locations are open every day and not all store locations are open regular hours. Our stores are open during the fall and winter season if weather and foot traffic stay steady. Please call your desired store location for the most up to date hours. Shopping is always available via Facebook, Instagram, and ShopMakingWaves.Com. Don't see what you're looking for, send us a message and we can find it for you!