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  On her journey to the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg became  known among some of her male colleagues as “Bitch.” When she found out,  she responded: “Better a bitch than a mouse.”   Our line of cruelty-free lip and body balms are backed by a  mission: To awaken people to their self-worth, and to encourage them to  live boldly and courageously. We do this in two ways: 

  1. By putting “BITCH” in the name of a product that soothes and restores. We’re appropriating a word that has historically been used to inflict shame, and attaching it to an agent of restoration. 
  2. By putting our money where our mouth is. BITCHSTIX donates to retailer-nominated nonprofit organizations that support survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. 

BITCHSTIX is more than just a balm. It’s a call to action to  transform a “bad” word into a force for good. It’s a one-of-a-kind  product that seeks to inspire, empower, and change lives for the better.