Is your hair care routine beach ready?

Sun out, Buns out!

The beach may be great self-care, but it can really damage your long locks. So be sure to follow these pro tips, to keep your hair silky smooth.

Master that bun
     Before hitting the beach, throw your hair into a tight bun. It will not only be out of your way as you're catching those rays, but you'll keep all that sand on the beach where it belongs.

Give your hair a rest
     That vacation sun can get hot enough, so ditch your normal hair routine for your stay. Get those beach waves the natural way with good old fashioned ocean water.

Condition before bed
     Sand and chlorine can really dry out any type of hair and cause some serious breakage, so add a little leave-in conditioner before bed to ensure your hair rests as easy as you.

No need to sacrifice it all
     With scrunchies, turbans, barrettes, and more, you can let your style show risk free. Avoid harsh teeth and clamps for a damage free look you can wear all year long.

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