Are The 80's Really Back? 5 Fall Trends You'll See Everywhere.

Let's be real, although you love staying up to date on the latest fashion, walking out in an over the top head to toe lace frock by Alexander McQueen just isn't your style. Subtle & sophisticated, we think we found the best ways to stay on trend without scaring your co-workers.

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  1. Animal Print - If you haven't already seen this trend, you won't be able to miss it after today. While snakeskin and leopard are the most popular options this fall, almost any animal print will give the same wild affect. Add a little danger to your wardrobe with a snakeskin jacket to throw over your little black dress. Or spice up your work attire with a thick leopard print cuff and matching earrings.
  2. Neon Monochrome - We all know monochrome is a great way to throw together a quick outfit, but adding neon into the mix can get a little tricky. An easy way to try this trend is to build off of your already existing monochrome outfits. Take your dusty rose dress and baby pink cardigan, and add a neon pink bag or hair accessory to match. For your acid wash blue jeans, and muted blue blouse... throw in a thin neon blue belt or chunky neon blue jewelry.
  3. Suit Up - It's time to break out that blazer that you only sport for meetings with the boss. An everyday blazer with rolled-up sleeves can be the perfect addition to your already clutch outfit. With one item, you can be trendy & fashionable while also making an impression as you break through that workplace ceiling.
  4. Dramatic Florals - Call mom and raid her closet, because florals are back and bigger than ever. Although I personally can't condone wearing puffy sleeves larger than your teased hair, the floral minis from your mom's glory days are exactly what's needed for closet. From large floral print dresses to micro flowers printed on your scrunchies, this is one trend that's easy to get carried away with. 
  5. Metallic Everything - We can't help but be attracted to shiny objects, and that's clear in our jewelry and our make up. But this season, we'd like to take it a step further. You can add that metallic look with a silver shine blouse and black bottoms. If that's still too bold for you, try a metallic manicure and matching bag for a more work friendly approach.

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