90's fashion trends are back! Here's our top 6 favorites.

If you were born in the 90s, now is your chance to break out your 90s vintage fashion. From Britney Spears, NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, Ja Rule, and the Spice Girls the 90s were the greatest evolution of time. From the iconic fashion trends: denim on denim, Roxy everything, mini skirts, crop tops, corsets, accent braids, to the butterfly clips. If you want to hop on the bandwagon- here are the most resurfaced fashion trends we can get ahead of. 

1. Scrunchies

Protecting our hair from breakage, they make for the perfect ponytail. 

2. Pearl Barrettes

Adding an elegant yet chic look to our daily hair, while also going on our second day of dry shampoo. Perfect for getting a couple days worth out of our 3-day old washed hair.

3. Platforms 

From the chunky wedge platforms to 6" platform sneakers. The latest platforms we can get ahead of are the espadrille platform sandal and camo comfort sneaker platform. 

4. Chic Hard Headbands

Channeling our inner Blair Waldorf, we must have a headband for every occasion this season. The key to mastering this trend? Push them at least an inch back from the hairline. 

5. Cheetah print-everything, literally.

From the mini skirt, shoes, bag, jean jackets, overalls, hip hugger jeans, and tops. An essential to your wardrobe this summer must be this print in every style clothing detail you own. Remember, Cheetah girls-cheetah sisters!

6. Tie-Dye

Remember dying your own DIY tie-dye t-shirts in your backyard? Well if you were an expert at it like I was, you can DIY tie-dye a whole wardrobe. From matching lounge sets, to crewnecks, and our most favorite of all sneakers. Let us know your favorite tie-dye color combination. Is it the OG tie-dye print (multi-color), red shade, yellow shade, blue shade, or green shade, which is your favorite? 


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